The workshops are designed for managers and leading developers. The current processes are analyzed and weaknesses are identified. Regular workshops are handled differently from certification workshops. The workshops are targeted directly at the specific situations at the customer’s site. The external help will avoid the traps of “blind spots” in the assessment of the possibilities for improvement. Two or three-day workshops will start with a half day analyzing session and one to three days interactive working examples. At the end of the workshop a measurable increase of the development productivity should be visible.

A list of usual problems in IT Development

  • Difficulties of keeping assigned schedules
  • Adaptation to changing requirements
  • Necessity to rely on overhours
  • Questionable quality as felt by the customers
  • Performance
  • Costs of Development
  • Planning development of future projects

Generally three of these problems are to be identified by the workshop attendants. The workshop will target on the weaknesses found.

Making it better, but how?

A first step is to become aware of your current processes in development. Then install a lean process and observe its result carefully. Find some useful key parameters to measure actual progress against planned progress.

Organize your requirements!

How do you control your development results in relation to your requirements? How do you control the quality of your Product? Learn simple statistics to obtain better and reliable forecasts.

What should we learn

  • Is your current process “agile” or “lean” or something else?
  • What are good results in the past?
  • How would you like to improve? (Apart from costs)
  • Where did recent attempts to improve fail?
Chances to improve
  • Type of process
  • Control
  • Education of developers (in what fields)
Where and How may costs be reduced
  • development costs
  • maintenance costs
  • personnel costs

It is a surprising but a many times observed result, that an increase of the product quality will not only reduce development costs but will also accelerate the total production of a new product. This does not only apply for hardware developments but for finishing software in a similar way.


Workshop Format

  • Two or three days of training
  • Presentations, discussions, practical exercises (group work)

Venue options

  • it is recommended that workshops are held at the premises of the customer.
  • Workshop material is included in English language, if applicable

Advantages of personal training

  • The training concentrating on the essential questions that arise in a specific company
  • Exercises are targeted for the benefits of the participants
  • You get some exercise in the usage of professional testing

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