Coaching is a method that is targeted to assist a single person, the “coachee” in a job where external experience can help to become more productive. Rather then telling what to do the coach leads a personal talk in such a way that the coachee will learn to ask the right questions. Eventually, those question can be answered by the coachee herself or himself. Coaching will be an ongoing process  that will consist of some personal meetings and the opportunity to get assistance via telephone or even better by Skype-sessions. The results of an ongoing development process and the activities of the coachee may be reviewed in the Skype-sessions.

Normally, coaching will consist of typically three direct personal meetings and an assistance via telephone and Skype over a period of one to three months. It is recommended that the coaching will be provided over the time needed to complete a certain development task. The coaching will also instruct about control methods that enable the evaluation of a development progress.

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