Certification is generally required for three different purposes:

  • The customer of a development company ask for certain certification of the developers and the testers if a contract is to be signed.
  • In companies with many developers and many testers or external deliverers a common vocabulary and understanding of the used terms can be enforced by a certification of the colleagues.
  • Single developers or testers may want to obtain one or more certifications in order to improve their job situation or further job possibilities.

For software testing there exist several levels of certification. The exams do not necessarily require the participation in a workshop. Generally understanding and learning is essentially improved by the participation in one workshop.

Other possibilities for certification are two levels for software requirements engineering.

Workshops for either certification courses (when done by Hans Hartmann) are organized by:

OBJENTIS Software Integration GmbH (in Austria)

e-Razvoj  (in Serbia)

Please refer to the contact form in order to get more detailed information about schedules and prices.